Virtual Organization Services
Virtual Organization & amp; nbsp; یک & amp; nbsp; ORGANIZATION   Network based. To make an organization of your own Existing existing structure and virtualizing it requires organizational changes and renewal Structure in organizational processes and functions is due to natural resilience People will be very difficult to change. With a more complete definition, it can be said that Virtual organization is a special type of   ORGANIZATION & amp; nbsp; Network Is using the latest & amp; nbsp; Technology & amp; nbsp; Communication And information such as & amp; nbsp; Internet & amp; nbsp; و Intranet Interaction and cooperation with other people and organizations Out of space, & amp; nbsp; Time & amp; nbsp; و Makes organizational boundaries possible .

تحول & amp; nbsp; Electronic & amp; nbsp; به It has changed different ways of doing business. Structures Traditional organizations can no longer adapt to these developments. Increasing speed & amp; nbsp; World   And drastic changes, the need for a business structure that It is vital to be able to make the most of these conditions. Not paying much attention Companies have gone bankrupt under these new conditions. New market is needed Constant adaptation and immediate reactions. Speed ​​is now a competitive indicator and as a result The old and classic model of the color trade will lose. The competitive advantages of the past no longer last, Cost-based strategies hardly survive. Organizations and Companies that carried out a wide range of activities in an organization have their place Given to small companies that focus on specific activities to satisfy their customers have became .

در & amp; nbsp; Market & amp; nbsp; و The new age of organizations that are based on knowledge, experts and & amp; nbsp; Technology & amp; nbsp; days Used well, they are more successful. Shrink, & amp; nbsp; Engineering & amp; nbsp; again And focus are some of the approaches that companies take Identify activities without & amp; nbsp; added value & amp; nbsp; Roy They count. Activities & amp; nbsp; Economics & amp; nbsp; Network And exchange & amp; nbsp; Information & amp; nbsp; Economic There are many benefits to outsourcing Brought by .