Software packages - Business domain

General introduction

Training and improving the level of knowledge of human resources is one of the key activities in the growth of organizations. Due to the constant changes in organizations, continuous training of these changes and programs to employees of the organization is very important.


Software subsystems & amp; nbsp;
  • Business Automation

  • Accounting

  • Electronic archive

  • مدیریت ارتباط با مشتری

  • website builder

  • Store Builder & amp; nbsp;

Technical specifications and software design tools:
  • Database used: 2017 SQL server

  • Technologies used: .NET, JAVA SCRIPT, MVC

  • How to communicate with the database: ADO.NET

  • Standards observed in the design process

  • Communication layer: SHTTP –HTTP - TCP / IP Middle layer: JSP - ASP - PHI - SSI - CGI .NET User interface layer: XML –DHTML –VB SCRIPT - JAVA - CSSXSL –DTD

  • Operating system and servers: XP, WINDOWS2000, WINDOWS2003, WINDOWS2008, WINDOWS2012

  • Software development methodology: RUP

Software Security:

& amp; nbsp; Regarding security, the latest technology in the production of web-based software that is controlled by .NET and depending on the type of parts with several levels will try to close all security holes.

  • Logging operations in the system

  • Possibility of licensing different parts of the system

  • Ability to define work processes