Dashboard software

General introduction

The biggest disease of an organization is the lack of accurate and timely information. Despite this fact, managers are under pressure to make decisions and are usually forced to take risks based on a guesswork decision.

These risks sometimes lead to a loss of business profits. Business intelligence platform and management dashboard make it possible to manage data, access data and analyze data in less time and cost.

داشبورد در کسب و کار شما شبیه داشبورد اتومبیل عمل خواهد کرد. میزان کیلومتر طی شده ، دمای آب رادیاتور، میزان بنزین باقی مانده در باک، سرعت، وضعیت ایمنی و …مجموعهاطلاعاتیاستکهداشبوردنصبشدهدراتومبیلبهصاحبانآنارائهخواهدداد. کلیه این اطلاعات با وجود حیاتی و لازم بودن تنها به صورت یک هشدار عمل خواهند نمود و نسبت موفقیت به نحوه تصمیم گیری و سرعت عمل صاحب اتومبیل وابسته می باشد.

The car dashboard may seem like a sleek, well-designed display layer, but think for a moment about a car that you can't know the inside of, and you have to travel all your way with speculation and the possibility of making the wrong decision. Take vague steps! And this situation will definitely be unbearable.

The management dashboard allows your company managers to monitor the performance of your organization at any time and monitor its status towards your ultimate goal. For this purpose, the key performance indicators of the organization and units should be defined so that the status of the company and the performance of organizational units can be informed at any time. & Amp; nbsp;

Features and tools of the software
  • Ability to connect to Oracle, Access, Excel, MS SQL and ...

  • Ability to collect data from different databases and integrate it into an analytical database or Data warehouse.

  • High speed and accuracy in data collection and information provision.

  • No need for specialized knowledge of databases (easy to use and requires minimal knowledge).

  • Data entry location, change and modify them manually.

  • Ability to adjust control levels for indicators.

  • Equipped with data update system.

  • Data management and data analysis.

  • Data mining capability using advanced tools.

  • Ability to perform a variety of statistical processes.

  • Ability to display different types of dashboards

  • Data mining capability using advanced tools.

  • Ability to perform a variety of statistical processes.

  • Ability to display different types of dashboards

Software reporting features:
  • Send information to formats such as (Excel, Word, XML, PDF) in order to analyze user data

  • Browse information entered at all levels in a simple and analytical manner

  • Simple and analytical reports in the form of comprehensive reports

  • Preparation of common reports in technical systems as standard

  • Submitting a report of small items based on the needs and requests of the employer

  • Design (localization) of conventional reports with the announcement and needs of the employer & amp; nbsp;

Technical specifications and software design tools:
  • Database used: 2017 SQL server

  • Technologies used: .NET, JAVA SCRIPT, MVC

  • How to communicate with the database: ADO.NET

  • Standards observed in the design process

  • Communication layer: SHTTP –HTTP - TCP / IP Middle layer: JSP - ASP - PHI - SSI - CGI .NET User interface layer: XML –DHTML –VB SCRIPT - JAVA - CSSXSL –DTD

  • Operating system and servers: XP, WINDOWS2000, WINDOWS2003, WINDOWS2008, WINDOWS2012

  • Software development methodology: RUP

Software security:

& amp; nbsp; Regarding security, the latest technology in the production of web-based software, which is controlled by .NET and depending on the type of parts with several levels, will try to close all security holes.

  • Logging operations in the system

  • Possibility of licensing different parts of the system

  • Ability to define work processes

some of the customers :
  • Mapna Company

  • Atomic Energy Organization of Iran & amp; nbsp;

  • East Azerbaijan Province Telecommunication Company

  • Fatehan Asr Tadbir Investment Company