Electronic Kiosk Software

General introduction

These softwares are designed by considering the latest standards and letters of the country's management and planning organization in order to inform and provide services to the clients of the organizations. And with the various features that are placed in it, all clients can easily use it. This software includes 8 subsystems. Among the features of these systems, we can mention information about the organizational structure, scheduling, polls, news and organizational announcements, using the browser in it, using the location display with the ability to locate, and so on. These systems have been installed in various organizations such as Mashhad Water and Sewerage, East Azerbaijan Road and Transportation, Islamic Propaganda Organization, Environment Organization, East Azerbaijan Islamic Revolution Housing Foundation, etc. The new generation (second generation) of these systems has been implemented as a web-based software that can communicate with the company's intelligent public relations software. Extensive features and dynamics of the software will help you to serve your clients. Using this subsystem, it is possible to define the organizational chart - organizational posts - personnel related to the organizational post and a description of the tasks related to each post and the ability to provide guidance. There are classes and also the work calendar of the organization and the rules of the circulars of the organization can be defined. It is possible to send a message by the client to the desired personnel through internal mail. It is possible to view the processes of the organization by the client, which by selecting each process, all fuzzy sub-processes are displayed along with the relevant time and direct manager. It is possible to view the room of the relevant official and take turns if necessary. Based on the types of surveys defined, the client can answer the survey questions and answer the four-choice or descriptive questions if desired. & Amp; nbsp;

Features and tools of the software
  • زيرسيستم سازماني : شامل چارت سازماني ، مشاهده و تعريف اتاقها ، راهنماي طبقات ، قوانين و بخشنامه ها ، تقويم کاري و ...

  • Subsystem of queuing: Scheduling for the defined tasks of the organization

  • Customer Information Registration: Registration of new user information

  • Polls: Types of polls are defined in this section

  • Organization information subsystem: View up-to-date information and news of the organization, questions and answers, photo and video gallery, etc.

  • Message Subsystem: Sending a message by the client via internal mail

  • Browser: This feature is intended for connecting to the Internet.

  • Workin timing subsystem, Work Flow

  • Observing the processes of the organization by the client, viewing the room of the relevant person in charge and taking turns if necessary & amp; nbsp;

Software reporting features:
  • Send information to formats such as (Excel, Word, XML, PDF) in order to analyze user data

  • Browse information entered at all levels in a simple and analytical manner

  • Simple and analytical reports in the form of comprehensive reports

  • Preparation of common reports in technical systems as standard

  • Submitting a report of small items based on the needs and requests of the employer

  • Design (localization) of conventional reports with the announcement and needs of the employer & amp; nbsp;

Technical specifications and software design tools:
  • Database used: 2017 SQL server

  • Technologies used: .NET, JAVA SCRIPT, MVC

  • How to communicate with the database: ADO.NET

  • Standards observed in the design process

  • لايه ارتباطي : SHTTP –HTTP – TCP/IP لايه مياني : JSP – ASP – PHI – SSI – CGI .NET لايه رابط کاربر: XML –DHTML –VB SCRIPT – JAVA – CSSXSL –DTD

  • Operating system and servers: XP, WINDOWS2000, WINDOWS2003, WINDOWS2008, WINDOWS2012

  • Software development methodology: RUP

Software security:

& amp; nbsp; Regarding security, the latest technology in the production of web-based software that is controlled by .NET and depending on the type of parts with several levels will try to close all security holes.

  • Logging operations in the system

  • Possibility of licensing different parts of the system

  • Ability to define work processes

some of the customers :
  • Mapna Company

  • Atomic Energy Organization of Iran & amp; nbsp;

  • East Azerbaijan Province Telecommunication Company

  • Fatehan Asr Tadbir Investment Company