Data center design services
Azerbaijani software developers using knowledge Advanced software and power and the cooperation of experienced designers and experts in the field of presentation Engineering services in various fields such as technical specifications, concept studies, Carrying out basic studies, basic and detailed design, feasibility study, collecting technical suggestions and Preparation of tender documents for purchase and implementation in the IT industry in many national projects Operates and provides its services .

This center, in addition to providing technical and engineering services for all projects Companies have succeeded in developing their knowledge in the following areas :

Architectural design and layout of data center infrastructure equipment .
Designing Concrete structure suitable for the construction of data centers from beginning to end .
Designing Complete precision air conditioning (Precisin Cling) Spaces Sensitive centers including data centers and clean rooms and dispatching centers using Gas cooling technologies (DX) و آب ( Chilled Water).
Use From different technologies in the uniform distribution of refrigeration such as :

Real Dr Heat Exchanger, In Rw , In Rm(CRAC and CRAH), Tp f Rack (verheat Cling)
modeling, Simulation and thermodynamic analysis of airflow CDF.
Basic and detailed design of condenser water purification system .
Basic and detailed design of water distribution systems .
Preparation Technical specifications and diesel generator system and fuel tank calculations .
Basic and detailed design of independent solar systems (PV).
طDesigning Lighting and power distribution system .
Design of boards LV ، HV And control .
Design of ground and lightning protection system .
Preparation of preliminary design documents for protection against waves Electromagnetism .
Preparation Preliminary and basic design documents for improving and updating the control system .
Designing Basic and detailed intelligent control structure Autnmus Cntrl.
DesigDesigning Basic and detailed intelligent control structureDesigning Basic and detailed intelligent control structureDesigning Basic and detailed intelligent control structureDesigning Basic and detailed intelligent control structurening Basic and detailed intelligent control structure DCIM.
Designing Detailed fire safety systems (FM200) To Instead C2 In centers with permanent deployment and non-deployment of manpower .
Designing Detailed traffic control systems .
Designing Detailed CCTV systems .
Designing Basic and detailed passive network systems .
Preparation Description of classification of hazardous areas .
Preparation and production of inspection documents and quality control during construction, Installation for critical equipment and systems .

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