Services Services: Data Processing & Analysis - Databases

  • Design and implementation of distributed replication solutions

  • طراحی و پیاده سازی راهکارهای نگهداری پایگاه داده Backup and Maintenance

  • طراحی و پیاده سازی راهکارهای پایداری و دسترس ناپذیری پایگاه داده High Availability and Disaster Recover

  • طراحی و پیاده سازی راهکارهای امنیت پایگاه داده Security

  • Analyze, evaluate and provide solutions to optimize and increase the responsiveness of the Tuning and Optimization database

Data warehouse is a database that integrates information optimized by several operational databases of the organization to obtain analytical and statistical information. The most important application of data warehousing is its use in data mining.

 مهمترین خصوصیات یک انباره داده عبارت اند از:

یکپارچگی اطلاعات

Non-volatile data (data must be backed up)

Variable with data time (time attribute assigned to each data)

Data subjectivism (each data must be attributed to a specific topic)

Usually a data warehouse contains tens or hundreds of gigabytes of data, which is made up of billions of records, so using this data to analyze a business issue using common database methods and common queries is practically impossible and possible. Executing a simple query takes tens of hours, so experts in designing a data warehouse must optimize it to execute operations and commands on-line analytical processing or OLAP.

Now Azerbaijan Software Developers Company is proud that with the experience and knowledge of its experts in this field, it is ready to provide services for the design and implementation of data warehousing and data mining projects for organizations. & Amp; nbsp;

Database Services

جهت پاسخگویی به نیاز های خاص سازمان ها و کسب و کارها در حوزه پایگاه داده، توسعه گران نرم افزار آذربایجان با بهره گیری از توان متخصصین این حوزه اقدام به ارائه خدمات تخصصی پایگاه داده در موضوعات زیر می نماید:

  • Design and implementation of data distribution solutions (Replication)

  • Design and implementation of database maintenance solutions (Backup & amp; Maintenance)

  • طراحی و پیاده سازی راهکارهای پایداری و دسترس پذیری پایگاه داده (High Availability & Disaster Recovery)

  • Design and implementation of database security solutions (Security)

  • Analyze, evaluate and provide solutions for optimizing and increasing database responsiveness (Tuning & amp; amp; Optimization). & Amp; nbsp;