Big Data Services
Azerbaijan Software Developers Co. One of the activities های Focuses on storage, processing and data mining solutions Focus on big data for each of the challenges Has achieved professional work and products

Due to the growing trend of digital data production Government and industrial centers of the country, storage, processing, analysis and search of this big data Harar Marzane Niz can respond to you with a single design and approach Has .

In the past, data was a by-product of an organization's processes, but today the same data can be reported live and analyzed. Provide value to decision makers . A data strategy is not just a method of storing and backing up data, but includes many other areas, all of which require a thorough understanding of the type, source, volume, and application of an organization's data.


Big Data Software Developers Services

ü Presentation Professional solution (hardware, software) for collecting and storing big data

ü Presentation A solution to increase reliability (Reliability) And High accessibility (High Availability) To Big data applications

ü Provide a solution for processing and applying changes to big data

ü Designing Search engines for big data and their data mining intelligently

ü پیاده‌سازی سیستم‌فایلهای توزیع شده نظیر HDFS ، Lustre و

ü Use From an open source solution such as Hadoop in solutions Presented

ü Design of big data analysis systems

ü Design Big Data Transmission Systems

ü Presentation User and leadership training in the field of big data

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