Salary software

Calculate & amp; nbsp; and the payment of monthly salaries and benefits of personnel is one of the most important calculations in the financial sector of all companies and organizations .& amp; nbsp; Salary Software , taking into account the continuous and non-continuous benefits associated with employment rules and job classification along with direct communication with other subsystems and the transfer of information from them along with its parametric introduction and flexibility In return for changing the rules is the main feature of payroll software & amp; nbsp; .

Also software mechanized communication (Salary and wages) With other software, it causes the specifications and legal information of the employees to be entered into the system automatically, and after calculating the function of the personnel, according to the entry and exit information, the salary calculations are performed .

One of the special benefits of payroll software is the optimal performance in companies and organizations with very large dimensions, so that & amp; nbsp; Calculate salaries & amp; nbsp; and calculates the benefits of several thousand personnel with great speed and accuracy

Payroll Software Index Specifications

  • Ability to calculate & amp; nbsp; salaries & amp; nbsp; contract staff based on performance

  • Possibility to determine all legal factors exempt from tax and insurance

  • Ability to determine and calculate all salary factors based on working day and setting a ceiling for them

  • Ability to define types of loans in & amp; nbsp; software & amp; nbsp; as well as all employee debts along with determining monthly installments and controlling their balance and billing

  • Possibility to introduce different types of savings, retirement and welfare funds and . Along with considering the calculation formulas and observation left in the pay slip

  • Ability to introduce continuous and non-continuous types of fractions as computational formulas and necessary settings

  • Possibility of introducing different types of compulsory and labor insurance, as well as types of supplementary insurance and determining their calculation formulas

  • Ability to define tax tables and keep records in case of change

  • Ability to prepare a work calendar on a monthly basis

  • Ability to introduce overtime, vacation, mission and as computational formulas

  • Ability to calculate & amp; nbsp; Salary & amp; nbsp; individually or in groups based on selected parameters

  • Possibility to adjust penalty calculation coefficients such as: absenteeism, delay, haste and considering monthly exemptions

Coverage and calculation of payments in payroll software

  • Ability to calculate Eid and years in a completely parametric way, including taking leave without pay and absence and in software

  • Ability to calculate and redeem unused staff leave at any time

  • Possibility of direct connection of all details of legal factors with accounting and floating details for issuing automatic document in all stages of calculation, payment and as standard

  • Possibility of linking salary factors and personnel to project accounts to include related costs

  • Ability to prepare information diskette including: bank list, insurance list, tax list, grant list, cooperative list and

  • Ability to prepare personnel list report with appointment orders

  • In the payroll system, it is possible to prepare a bank list report, insurance list, assistance list, signature list, salary list in standard formats

  • Possibility of preparing legal receipts in different formats and possibility of changing and designing it by the user

  • Ability to prepare a monthly to-do list with delays and haste

  • Ability to prepare a record list report & amp; nbsp; Personnel Legal and Wages & amp; nbsp; by law courses

  • Possibility to prepare tax disks

  • Possibility to prepare insurance diskettes

  • Ability to prepare a bank diskette

  • Calculation of Eid, years, leave balance and leave

  • Send SMS to staff to calculate payroll and deposit

  • Law List

Software reporting features:
  • Send information to formats such as (Excel, Word, XML, PDF) in order to analyze user data

  • Browse information entered at all levels in a simple and analytical manner

  • Simple and analytical reports in the form of comprehensive reports

  • Prepare common reports in technical systems as standard

  • Submit a report of small items based on the needs and requests of the employer

  • Design (localization) custom reports with the announcement and needs of the employer & amp; nbsp;

Technical specifications and software design tools:
  • Database used: 2017 SQL server

  • Technologies used: .NET, JAVA SCRIPT, MVC

  • How to communicate with the database: ADO.NET

  • Standards followed in the design process

  • Communication layer: SHTTP –HTTP - TCP / IP Middle layer: JSP - ASP - PHI - SSI - CGI .NET User interface layer: XML –DHTML –VB SCRIPT - JAVA - CSSXSL –DTD

  • Operating system type and servers: XP, WINDOWS2000, WINDOWS2003, WINDOWS2008, WINDOWS2012

  • Software Development Methodology: RUP

Software Security:

& amp; nbsp; about the latest technology in the production of web-based software that is controlled by .NET and depending on the type of parts with several levels provided All security holes will be closed.

  • Logging operations in the system

  • Possibility to license different parts of the system

  • Ability to define work processes

Some customers:
  • Mapna Company

  • Atomic Energy Organization of Iran & amp; nbsp;

  • East Azerbaijan Province Telecommunication Company

  • Fatehan Asr Tadbir Investment Company