E-government services  
Pursuant to Articles 67 and 68 of the Sixth Five-Year Development Plan Law, Tasks in the field of development and establishment of e-government for all executive bodies It has been determined that the most important of these include:

- All executive devices are required to be electronic Complete all processes and services with electronic capabilities and complete databases Relevant, to act by the end of the third year of implementation of the program law.

- Ministry of Communications and Information Technology in cooperation with the organization (Program and Budget), the administrative and employment organization of the country and the executive bodies, from the second year Law Enforcement Program Provides the necessary arrangements to reduce at least twelve and a half percent of the annual Provide face-to-face visits to the executive apparatus so that Iran ranks in the world In related indicators including indicators of ICT development and e-government development Upgrade by 30 ranks during the implementation of the program law.

Electronic Services Development Office for software developers Azerbaijan with the aim of developing and using information technology in all practical dimensions for realization The better the goals and missions of the ministries, government agencies and & amp; nbsp; Information Providing and providing a platform for providing services electronically and in person to clients, Mechanization of organizational processes and support and maintenance of technology services User information is composed .

  • Consulting in the field of application and information portal development

  • Consulting in the field of systems development

  • Consulting in the field of preparation and formulation of information technology policies and strategies at the macro level

  • Consulting in the field of technical supervision on the good performance of contractors in the field of information technology

  • Consulting in the field of support and maintenance of IT equipment

  •          Consulting in the field of IT equipment needs assessment