E-learning services
E-learning ا electronic-learning In short e-learning It is read, in the simplest definition, is the use of information technology in education .

In e-learning from tools such as software, The Internet, cyberspace or a combination of all of these are used .

In a definition, UNESCO says: Distance education to any Indicates the type of educational process in which all or most of the teaching is done by individuals Which are time and space away from the learner, meaning that all or Often communication between teacher and learner through a print media or It is done electronically .

In fact, e-learning is a new method of education that has overcome the limitations of traditional educational classes and has eliminated the need for physical presence of professors and students, and has provided new solutions for considering assignments and taking exams. .

In addition to e-learning, there are other concepts Including virtual education (virtual learning) ، Distance Learning (distance education) ، Online or online training (online learning) ، Mobile learning (mobile learning) و آموزش خرد (micro-learning) He pointed out that each has a specific definition and explanation .


Various services of e-learning office for software developers

1-                        Implementation of e-learning systems

2-                        Production of electronic content

3-                        Holding electronic exams

4-                        برگزاری دوره های آموزش الکترونیکی