Completed and Following Projects :

A) Produce and Implement software systems which ordered by customers .

  1. One of the osku's electronic city performer
  2. Performance of electronic market under east Azerbaijan science and technology park support
  3. Performance of Tabriz Science-Application University's Automation system (web based)
  4. Implementation of Building based Database
  5. East Azerbaijan office of the governor general Education system
  6. Building Engineering System's Automation System
  7. Baku's Azako company concrete workshop software system
  8. Master Software system of 118 centers in all of province of Iran
  9. Driving License examination Software system
  10. Stuff Education's management system which were installed in East and West Azerbaijan , Mazandaran , Kerman-shah, Isfahan, Qum, Golestan, Kohkiloye-Boyerahmad , ... Offices and ministries
  11. Jewelry builder workshops software system
  12. East Azerbaijan Rah-O-Tarabari's law software system
  13. SMS software systems
  14. G5 software system
  15. Building center's rural civil Automation system which is installed in 31 provinces of Iran

B) Executer of ICT master Plan

  1. Department General of East Azerbaijan Cooperation
  2. Department General of East Azerbaijan Sport center
  3. Department General of East Azerbaijan road-building district
  4. Department General of East Azerbaijan building center
  5. Department General of East Azerbaijan Tribes
  6. Department General of East Azerbaijan environment

C) Information and Web kiosks

  1. Iran petroleum research and Technology company
  2. State planning and management organization
  3. East Azerbaijan science and technology park
  4. Department general of east Azerbaijan cooperation
  5. Department general of east Azerbaijan cultural heritage
  6. Tabriz international airport
  7. East Azerbaijan information Technology continues central
  8. Azerbaijan Museum in tabriz
  9. Gajariyeh Museum in Tabriz
  10. Sarab Museum in Tabriz
  11. Khamneh Museum in Tabriz
  12. Kabud Mosque in tabriz
  13. Department general of East Azerbaijan road transportation
  14. East Azerbaijan the environment department general
  15. Islamic Development organization

D) Network installation

  1. East Azerbaijan road-building district network is installed
  2. Social labor's employment unit international network is installed
  3. East Azerbaijan system engineering building network rebuilding

E) Supporting Systems

  1. Supporting Tabriz Hotel's software and hardware systems
  2. Supporting azar-satrab cultural department software systems
  3. Supporting Talaeeyeh cultural department software and hardware systems

F) Designing websites



G) Presentation of research plans

Also this company has ability to do :

1. Analysis systems information like IS, GIS ,LIS ,OAS ,ECS ,TPS ,MIS ,DSS ,ES and etc

2. Produce and support software which ordered by customer is following :

  1. Legal issues
  2. Security and military issues
  3. Hotel and tourism
  4. Medical issues
  5. Industrial issues
  6. Designing and engineering

3. Transfer information (data network) like designing , executing , supporting and networking security

4. Counseling and observation in :

  1. Computer science planning
  2. Evaluation possibility
  3. Design and planning master information systems

5. Supporting systems presentation with entering and keeping information

6. Supporting systems presentation which is included application and classic education , acquaintance seminars , application of technology information in organizations and IT rule in organization processes

7. Designing websites for organization and companies which are included static and dynamic websites , programming and web services .

8. Electronic business services which are included selling network installation connection with agents , salespersons and E-salespersons .



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