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Azerbaijan Software Developers Company (Tosegaran) is a subsidiary of Information Technology, Electronics and Telecommunications Holding of Fatehan Asr Tadbir Investment Company. This company started its activity in 2002 in East Azerbaijan Science and Technology Park and by using specialized forces during 19 years, it has been able to become one of the active and reputable companies in the country in producing software and special information technology solutions. Qualified by the Vice President for Science and Technology as the first knowledge-based company, Qualified by the Supreme Informatics Council in 7 specialized categories of information technology with the rank of one country, selected as the best entrepreneurship festival in the country, selected as the top technology in Azerbaijan province Sharghi in 1991, 1999 and ... is part of the honors of this capable company. & Amp; nbsp; Continuous presence and activity in the software market of the Islamic Republic of Iran, has undoubtedly turned software developers into one of the specialized manufacturers of software products. Gaining experience from various projects implemented in public and private devices and companies has made our products as an integrated solution with little localization can be used in various organizations. ...Continue

GOdoo (Odoo-based ERP solution)

Today, odoo is one of the most popular text ERPs in the world market with more than 7 million users worldwide. Software developers have been reviewing their ERP data for several years Develops based on Odoo and with the GOdoo brand. These systems are ready to be provided to customers in large and medium organizations in the following areas.

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Tojal (integrated & software; solutions) 

Tojal Integrated Software Solutions In the fields of human resources, logistics and logistics, finance and accounting and organizational portal. Which is designed and implemented by Azerbaijan Software Developers Company for large and medium businesses Solutions in organizations and large companies can be integrated, customized and localized.

Hamyar (software packages)

In addition to providing solutions for large and medium-sized organizations, software developers are the result of more than two decades of continuous activity in the field of software production and gaining experience in organization ،   in format& nbsp; 100 Provides software package for small and medium businesses. In these software packages, all the needs of small and medium companies have been seen and   with Reasonable price without customization but with excellent support is provided to customers.

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Bolut (cloud solutions)

Software developers, along with the world's largest companies, have introduced their software solutions with cloud computing technology. Bolut is a collection of accounting and financial software, sales, human resources, cloud logistics warehouse.

Using Bluetooth software, you need to connect to the developers' servers via the Internet and in a secure environment, without the need to purchase servers and hardware. In this case, you do not need to buy software points. All you have to do is pay for the subscription according to your organization's needs and benefit from a powerful software solution. In addition, with the highest security standards, ensure the security of your organization's data.

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Bita (ready-made programming modules)

The company has used modules in the production of software packages and comprehensive solutions that have made these modules ready for use in other applications by optimization. These modules are standard and comprehensive and can be used by system and application programmers.

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    IT Services

    Relying on our experienced staff and young professionals, in parallel with the industrial production of software, we offer a variety of services in the field of information and communication technology.


    • Develop a comp. ICT plan
    • Development of org. architecture
    • electronic government
    • electronic commerce



    • Monitor analysis and design
    • Monitor software production
    • Monitor software security
    • Monitor the development of plans

    Data processing and analysis

    • Database services
    • Big data
    • Artificial intelligence
    • machine learning

    International Collaborations

    (Tosea Garan)Software developers, while being a knowledge-based manufacturing company in the field of software, in addition to their activities in the country in order to achieve and participate in foreign markets have started projects directly or with the cooperation of other companies


    The company has developed its Yale search engine in that country based on a memorandum of understanding with Nero Baku. It also works closely with Takba Holding to sell products in the Caucasus region.

    South Korea
    This project has been started with Wender Company in order to make intelligent information systems based on machine learning. Software developers, representatives of Technology Holding, are in contact with this company.

    Republic of Armenia
    (Tosegaran) Software Developers Company at the same time as attending the IT Armenia has been able to establish good relations with Armenian companies and actively participate in tenders.


    Presence in Syrian markets with government support for the company goals & amp In this regard, some infrastructure measures have been taken.

    Knowledge-based projects and & Research

    Media War

    Yale search engine

    Tojal integrator

    Creating value for customers by designing national systems

    Software technical certification

    (Tosegaran) Azerbaijan software developers, after designing and implementing national systems, have obtained a technical approval certificate from the Information Technology Organization of Iran. To check the validity of these confirmations, refer to the site & amp; nbsp; https: //


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    Comprehensive logistics and logistics system



    Comprehensive human resources system



    Comprehensive blood transfusion system



    Comprehensive engineering system  



    Comprehensive system of weights and metrology



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